The famouse Salt Mine in Poland


Very close from Krakow there is a small city called Wieliczka. It is very often vsited by the tourists from all over the world. The reason for it is the famous Salt Mine. That tourist attraction is a great place and a must see while you are staying in Poland. During your trip you will go down 378 stairs to see beautiful landscapes and sculptures made of salt. Now you are probably wondering how to get there. In Krakow there is a company called KrakowShuttle which is organising tours to that magnificent place. Read more

Backpakers in Krakow

It is not so easy to explain why Kraków is such a grate city to people who have never been in here. Mayby it is an atmosphere given by old original townscape, not destroyed by the none of the world wars. It is also possible that one 120,000 of Kraków’s students makes this city en ever green. I may be a merit of the cultural life. Or all those facts is that Kraków want’s to be a place which is a melting pot for the cultures. It effectivelly pretends to be a middle east metropoly, city of sophisticated culture, art and science. Kraków is a hometown for seventeen highier schools. Yet Kraków’s nighlife is still concencrated around the market square. Second biggest after St. Mark’s place in Vennezia. In here the history melts with the modern ages on every step. Read more