Krakow – specific tourism product

In terms of hotel and tourism industry, Krakow is known as specific tourism product because of the severity of attractions and places of national heritage, cultural and historical interest unparalleled in other Polish regions and Europe. This is undoubtedly one of the oldest, most beautiful and interesting cities in Central Europe. Its history is well documented and recorded “in the walls of the city.” In addition to the incredible sights and history, the city has a reputation of Polish cultural capital because of its incredible, artistic atmosphere and the intensity of artistic events and places relevant to the dissemination and formation of the Polish culture. Read more

Bicycle tours in Krakow

Krakow is even more beautiful in spring than during other seasons. The city center is green, smells of flowers, which add even more colors to the streets. These are the conditions that from year to year are encouraging more people to abandon the heavy transport, and consequently, change to the bike. Bicycle Tours in Krakow are becoming increasingly popular, especially among young people, though it can be seen more and more older people on the ecological track vehicles . Read more

Tours to Auschwitz-Birkenau – Nazi death camp

Created in July 1947, the State Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau is a special place. For the world this is a symbol of genocide, terror and extermination. The museum is visited by numerous trips, and individual persons. The area of the camp is all open to visitors. In the former camp blocks there are national exhibitions depicting the fate of prisoners from different countries. Tours to Auschwitz are not easy, overflowing a particular symbolism, and certainly are a special history lesson. Read more

Jewish Museum Galicja

The Jewish Museum Galicja was made to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust and and to show the history and culture of the Jewish community in new perspective. Museum is located on Krakow’s Kazimierz in the very heart of old Jewish quarted of the city. It is an institution of public use registred in Poland and Great Britain. The aim is an revitalisation of traditional stereotypes connected clesely to the Jewish community of the city and to help Jews and Poles to understand their roots. Read more

The Vistula River cruises – sightseeing Krakow from different perspective!

If you are fed up with sightseeing Krakow on foot you have a chance to try something new. From May till September, visitors that come to Krakow have a chance to visit the city form the different perspective.

The Vistula River cruises are very popular among tourists. They not only have an opportunity to visit the city and see its beauty but also to relax. Visitors can choose from the variety of different cruises. When choosing the “Nimfa” Boat, the tourist would see the whole Krakow and then finally end up in Tyniec which is the Benedictine Abbey. Cruises start from the Czerwinski Boulevard from the “Wawel” landing-stage.  The different option is the “Legend” Boat that is equipped in side-wheels. The cruises go not only to Tyniec but also to Bielany where Camaldolese monastery is placed. Finally the tourists have one more option. They can rent the swimming equipment and voyage by their own. The rental shop offers a variety of options. Visitors can lend: double tourist canoe, Canadian canoe, water bicycle, motorboat and also the 12-person catamaran. What is more, the rental shop offers also the canoeing rallies from the Tyniec Abbey to the Wawel landing-stage and from the Wawel landing-stage to the Niepolomice Castle.

There is a veriety of different ways to visit Krakow and everyone is worth recommending.