Maznaza? Sounds great!

Manzana Restaurant in Krakow on Miodowa St. arouses different feelings about itself among its current and former customers. Is offering Mexican menu enough?  Manzana, a Mexican, although a bit too modern restaurant,  aspires to be perceived as truly  Mexican while not actually being one. For those,  who do not pay so much attention to representing little Mexican style, may make good first impression. However,  prices, even for Kazimierz – famous Jewish Qarter,  may be a bit too high. 
Food usually defends itself when it is tasty. And that is the case in Manzana. Dishes are not too large, on the opposite, some are just too small, but tasty.  Menu is being changed  from time to time. Sometimes you can come across various  special offers or happy hours, but just on selected days. What is also worth mentioning is the fact that offered meals are not just Mexican, on the opposite, it offers rather fusion cuisine.  Great  disadvantage are the prices, the more, when one realizes the inadequate size of the dish served.

All in all, Manzana sounds great. Its localization in Jewish District is also very nice, but is has some drawbacks, as mentioned prices or cuisine. But for those searching for relaxing atmosphere with high standard service not so big portions to eat while sipping slowly their mojito, Manzana seems to be the best place to stay!

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