The Bonerowski Palace

Palac BonerowskiThe Bonerowski Palace is one of the most famous and also most luxury places on the Krakow Main Square. It consists of many different parts. Inside, tourists will find exclusive guest rooms in the hotel which is the main part of the building, but The Bonerowski Palace is not only about the hotel it is a lot more than that.

In that special place every tourist will find something especially for him. One part is the Ul lala Cafe which is the confectionery that offers a variety of delicious cakes, sweat cocktails and ice-creams. You can also choose from the different types of the best coffees and teas and salads and sandwiches as well. During the mornings local invites for the special breakfasts that are very tasty and healthy. The menu is very diverse, so the amateurs of polish cuisine will find something for themselves but if you like more the Mediterranean cuisine it would not be a problem as well. During lunch tourists can drop in for delicious salad, soup or main course. Another great place is the Milano Restaurant where tourists can taste courses from the Italian and European cuisine. In the basement is placed the exclusive One Club with the only one in Krakow VJC Versace Diamond Room. On the other hand, upstairs there is placed a Patio which is very intimate and calm place, ideal for romantic dinner under the glass roof.

The Bonerowski Palace is definitely a place for the demanding guests where everybody will find something special.

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