Krakow – specific tourism product

In terms of hotel and tourism industry, Krakow is known as specific tourism product because of the severity of attractions and places of national heritage, cultural and historical interest unparalleled in other Polish regions and Europe. This is undoubtedly one of the oldest, most beautiful and interesting cities in Central Europe. Its history is well documented and recorded “in the walls of the city.” In addition to the incredible sights and history, the city has a reputation of Polish cultural capital because of its incredible, artistic atmosphere and the intensity of artistic events and places relevant to the dissemination and formation of the Polish culture.

When planning a trip to Krakow, a few points should be considered that cannot be neglected during the Kraków tour. These are places both in the heart of the city and in its vicinity. One of the most beautiful, and more available seats is of course the Main Market Square, regarded as the one (if not most) of the largest markets squares in Europe. You will see the beautiful St. Mary’s basilica,  the Sukiennice Museum and amazing architecture in beautifully preserved, restored tenements. In close proximity to the market is Florian’s Gate and the Barbacan. The market is entwined with so-called Planty, which are  green garden where you can relax and even harder feel the unique atmosphere of the city.

In a few minutes walking distance from Market Square there isKazimierz – the oldest and most beautiful Jewish district in Poland and in the world. It is a place highly visited by tourists. Marked by the painful wartime history the district takes particular importance. A few tram stops away, there is a place undoubtedly associated historically with Jewish history and culture – Krakow Podgórze, the district, which was for most of the Krakow ghetto. Today we can visit there a well-planned, modern, multimedia museum of Oskar Schindler, which brings war history of the Krakow ghetto. In the immediate vicinity of Krakow, there are many other attractive tourist and historical places such as even the Wieliczka Salt Mine, Ojców National Park, a Concentration Camp Auschwitz-Birkenau tripor the Polish Tatra Mountains.

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