Bicycle tours in Krakow

Krakow is even more beautiful in spring than during other seasons. The city center is green, smells of flowers, which add even more colors to the streets. These are the conditions that from year to year are encouraging more people to abandon the heavy transport, and consequently, change to the bike. Bicycle Tours in Krakow are becoming increasingly popular, especially among young people, though it can be seen more and more older people on the ecological track vehicles . Krakow is well prepared to support movement of cyclists. The city is rich in bike lanes, which are very well maintained and allow you to safely reach the majority of the city. Very well thought out are especially those routes that run along the main sights of Krakow. One of the most popular cycling lanes  is certainly the one that runs along the Vistula boulevards and it allows you to see the most prominent landmarks. Krakow to this degree meets the demands of cyclists that allows them to even bicycles. In the strategic areas of the city there are special parking lots, which for a small fee you can rent a bike for a specified period of time. Renting automats work the same as renting parking ticket machines. Bicycles are modern, clean and there are enough in numbers to meet the demands of tourists. In Europe it is becoming increasingly popular means of communication. In fact it is very optimistic that Krakow follows the pro-ecological trends and arms the city in this type of alternative.

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