Jewish Museum Galicja

The Jewish Museum Galicja was made to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust and and to show the history and culture of the Jewish community in new perspective. Museum is located on Krakow’s Kazimierz in the very heart of old Jewish quarted of the city. It is an institution of public use registred in Poland and Great Britain. The aim is an revitalisation of traditional stereotypes connected clesely to the Jewish community of the city and to help Jews and Poles to understand their roots.

Permanent exhibition of the museum: „footprints of the memory”, gained a recognition of criticts and visitors from all of the world. Museum organises and hosts also a temporary exhibitions. It offers one of the Polish biggest cultural programs, adjusted to the wide range of the individual recipments and the organised groups. The Multimedial Education Center consists of the unicque and continously expanded film collection reffered to the topic of Jewish Culture and Holocaust. We are conductiong comprehensive science and publishing activity. Out library is one of the biggest in Poland. But the place is may be also used in a way of relaxation. There is a Cafe which serves a lot more than just a coffee.

Museum is located in revitalised, post-industrial building of the mill from before the war. The interion contain modern materials – glass, metal i dark wood – with original building structure elements. The open space helps to organise exhibitions, concerts, meeting with the authors or  lectures. The Museum is a regular host for the local artists an musitians.

Museum employs of twenty people, to do the0 projects, publications, marketing, and administration. The Director is mr. Jakub Nowakowski. Among the important people for the project is  prof. Jonathan Webber (chairman UNESCO Jewish and Internationall Studies, Uniwersisty of Birmingham). The place is what we call modern museum but interactive and fascinating  form gives much respect to the topic they are dealing with.

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