Krakow – the city of festivals

Krakow toursKrakow is a vibrant cultural center acting for both Poland and for Europe. The city is located at the crossroads of different cultures that intertwine and create an explosive and an interesting mixture of culture inspiring people to action and create events specific to the city and make them famous in the cultural environment. When you are planning Krakow tours it’s worth to look into the current cultural decay, which is abound in almost every season. Read more

The Bonerowski Palace

Palac BonerowskiThe Bonerowski Palace is one of the most famous and also most luxury places on the Krakow Main Square. It consists of many different parts. Inside, tourists will find exclusive guest rooms in the hotel which is the main part of the building, but The Bonerowski Palace is not only about the hotel it is a lot more than that.

In that special place every tourist will find something especially for him. One part is the Ul lala Cafe which is the confectionery that offers a variety of delicious cakes, sweat cocktails and ice-creams. You can also choose from the different types of the best coffees and teas and salads and sandwiches as well. During the mornings local invites for the special breakfasts that are very tasty and healthy. The menu is very diverse, so the amateurs of polish cuisine will find something for themselves but if you like more the Mediterranean cuisine it would not be a problem as well. During lunch tourists can drop in for delicious salad, soup or main course. Another great place is the Milano Restaurant where tourists can taste courses from the Italian and European cuisine. In the basement is placed the exclusive One Club with the only one in Krakow VJC Versace Diamond Room. On the other hand, upstairs there is placed a Patio which is very intimate and calm place, ideal for romantic dinner under the glass roof.

The Bonerowski Palace is definitely a place for the demanding guests where everybody will find something special.

Business transfer services in Poland

krakow-business-transfersIf you are going to Poland on a business trip and you need a professional and reliable services, PolandShuttle is the answer. Travelling between the conference centre and hotel, pick ups from the airport, special transfers upon request and all services which you can require during your stay and which your company needed, we are able to provide it. Read more

The famouse Salt Mine in Poland


Very close from Krakow there is a small city called Wieliczka. It is very often vsited by the tourists from all over the world. The reason for it is the famous Salt Mine. That tourist attraction is a great place and a must see while you are staying in Poland. During your trip you will go down 378 stairs to see beautiful landscapes and sculptures made of salt. Now you are probably wondering how to get there. In Krakow there is a company called KrakowShuttle which is organising tours to that magnificent place. Read more

Maznaza? Sounds great!

Manzana Restaurant in Krakow on Miodowa St. arouses different feelings about itself among its current and former customers. Is offering Mexican menu enough?  Manzana, a Mexican, although a bit too modern restaurant,  aspires to be perceived as truly  Mexican while not actually being one. For those,  who do not pay so much attention to representing little Mexican style, may make good first impression. However,  prices, even for Kazimierz – famous Jewish Qarter,  may be a bit too high.  Read more

Airport transfer – from Balice Airport to Krakow City Center

Airport Krakow – Balice each year serves more than one million passengers. Passenger traffic is very high in every season, and undoubtedly has something to do with the extension number of outbound direct connections from Krakow. The airport is located in some distance from the regular center, so for travelers this can be a transport problem. There are several public transport connections, but the public bus trip with lots of luggage is not too comfortable. Read more

Backpakers in Krakow

It is not so easy to explain why Kraków is such a grate city to people who have never been in here. Mayby it is an atmosphere given by old original townscape, not destroyed by the none of the world wars. It is also possible that one 120,000 of Kraków’s students makes this city en ever green. I may be a merit of the cultural life. Or all those facts is that Kraków want’s to be a place which is a melting pot for the cultures. It effectivelly pretends to be a middle east metropoly, city of sophisticated culture, art and science. Kraków is a hometown for seventeen highier schools. Yet Kraków’s nighlife is still concencrated around the market square. Second biggest after St. Mark’s place in Vennezia. In here the history melts with the modern ages on every step. Read more